Lonely Star


A.k.a "André Rocchia, Gérard Schmitt, Jean-Claude Spinelli, Jérôme Buigues, Franck Pantin, Jeff Corallini, Patrick Petit and Fabrice Gaudé"

585 plays, 16 songs on radio

"Lonely Star" is a collective of fellow musicians, lead by André Rocchia ( lead vocals, acoustic guitars, harmonica ), along with Gérard Schmitt ( lead vocals, ac. gtrs ), Jean-Claude Spinelli ( harmony vcls, lead ac. gtrs, harmonica ), Jérôme Buigues ( lead el. gtrs, harnony vcls, recording, mixing, producing ), Franck Pantin ( keys, string arrangements, musical director ), Jeff Corallini, Patrick Petit ( basses, harmony vocals ), & Fabrice Gaudé ( drums, percussions )

Their Tolkien Project sets to music 18 poems by J.R.R Tolkien & 2 original tribute songs. While awaiting for the Tolkien Estate's permission for the other 17 texts, "Bilbo's last song" & "There and back again" are the opening demo tracks of the album to come.

Soundcloud: starlonely


Kevin Godley 14 December, 2015 at 22:01 0

This is a message for André. Huge apologies for not responding sooner, but I didn't have an email address for you. Thank you very much for considering me for your Tolkien project. I'm flattered that you asked. Unfortunately I'm way too busy on other projects to think about contributing to this one but I'm sure it will be terrific, so good luck with pulling all the elements together and again, please forgive my preposterously late response to your very kind email of Nov 2.

All the best to you and to the project.

Kevin Godley