The Starlit Sea

By Lonely Star (2019)

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With its leader, André Rocchia ( lead & background vocals, ac. guitars, harmonica ) the French band "Lonely Star" interprets 8 poems from "The Lord Of The Rings" & « Bilbo’s Last Song » by J.R.R Tolkien, with the exceptional permission of the Tolkien Estate and the OHP for "Bilbo's Last Song". Vocal harmonies & folk-rock à la "White Album" / "Déjà vu", made still better by André Ceccarelli, Fouad Didi, Olivier Ker Ourio, Patrice Marzin and Soïg Sibéril as special guests.

The Professor and his universe are also the pretext for three original songs and the adaptation of R.W. Chambers' "Cassilda's Song". At last, through the inspired cover of King Crimson's "I Talk To The Wind", Lonely Star pays Greg Lake a warm tribute.

There and back again.


1. Verse of the Rings 3.21 *****
2. There and Back Again 5.13
3. Bilbo's Song 4.47
4. Seek for the Sword That Was Broken 3.08
5. Farewell Song of Merry and Pippin 3.00
6. Sam's Song in the Orc-Tower 3.20 ****
7. The Ring of Truth 3.25
8. A Rhyme of Lore 3.55 ***
9. La Chanson de Galadriel 3.44
10. The Old Walking Song 2.59
11. I Talk to the Wind 4.25 *
12. Cassilda's Song (A Voyage in Time) 4.46
13. The Riddle of Strider 2.35
14. Bilbo's Last Song (At the Grey Havens) 3.31


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