By Lyubomir YordanovSpotify (2015)


Echoes, the newly project by Lyubomir Yordanov, introduces in an unique way sweeping orchestral arrangements with tribal rhythms, enchanting vocals and spiritual ethnic flutes.

Modern electronic sound and edgy brass add additional colors to the hybrid compositions. The set of 10 pieces offers a masterfully produced fusion of film music and Native American chants performed by Lyubomir Kyumyurdjiev.
With a wide range of dramatic, fantasy, epic and even romantic compositions the album will take you away on an otherworldly soulful journey.

Composed by Lyubomir Yordanov
Orchestration by Hristo Manolov
Flutes by Lyubomir Yordanov
Vocals & Chants by Lyubomir Kyumyurdjiev
Produced by EpicMusicVn


1. Echoes 1.16 **** Spotify
2. Red Clouds feat. Lyubomir Kyumyurdjiev 4.29 ****
3. Cosmos 2.54 **** Spotify
4. Deep Sea 2.01 **** Spotify
5. Heroic Sacrifice feat. Lyubomir Kyumyurdjiev 3.19 ****
6. Ashes & Glory 3.22 **** Spotify
7. Rain Gods 1.41 **** Spotify
8. Spiritual Warrior feat. Lyubomir Kyumyurdjiev 4.06 ***
9. Lullaby feat. Lyubomir Kyumyurdjiev 2.37 ***
10. Echoes (Orchestral Version) 1.59 ****


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