Marco Lo Muscio

Marco Lo Muscio

From Italy

Marco Lo Muscio was born in Rome on October 23 1971. Marco is one of the most versatile musicians of his generation: organist, pianist and composer.

He graduated in piano with full honours “Cum Laude” at "L. Refice" academy of music guided by Maestro T. Maiorani. He then perfected himself (in three years) with the great pianist Sergio Fiorentino (1927-1998) attaining the Diploma of Advanced Studies at the academy "B. Cristofori". He graduated in Pedagogy "Cum Laude" to the University of "Rome Tre" (degree thesis on K. Jarrett and Glenn Gould), and he perfected in organ with the prof. J. E. Goettsche (official Organist of St. Peter’s in Vatican).

He has held more than 650 concerts for world best Festivals in important Cathedrals and Concert Halls.

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