Draft track

By Mattias Westlund (2009)

Download: mattiaswestlund.net/?page_id=9

Here you can listen to and download pretty much all of my music from the last six years or so. Unless otherwise stated, all tracks are released under a CC-BY license. Some tracks are works in progress or drafts, meaning they may be rough around the edges or even unfinished in one way or another, but will be updated eventually.

Tracks marked "WIP" are works in progress. These are free to listen to, download and share with anyone you think should
hear them. But you may not use them in any public projects without my explicit consent.

Tracks marked "non-CC" are not CC-licensed and are for personal use only. You may download the tracks and share them
with your friends, but they may not be used in any public projects.


13. Homeward Bound 3.41 ****
16. The High King's March 2.14 ****


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