A.k.a "Samy Shbib"

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I am a 22 year old English music and composition fanatic. I do many styles of music and I also make up half of a band called Silence Of Time (but the music you hear here is 100% by me unless stated otherwise). I've also lefta lot of old tracks to show the progress I've made in less than a year. Every new track's production is betterthan its predecessor.

I write anything from modern-classical film scores, to hard rock and metal.

I accept requests for any project:
- Free if the project is non commercial
- Payed if the project is commercial
(Terms to be discussed)

Official site: soundcloud.com/metalrenard
Download: soundcloud.com/metalrenard


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1The Undecided 293
2Our Haunting Past

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1Our Haunting Past 4.5
2The Undecided 3.9

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