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MistFolk – it’s an original music band which plays author music inspired of various ethnic tunes: beginning with European till Arabic ones. Light and joyful melodies, combined with hard riffs of contemporary rock sound, create the spirit of the Irish pub revels. Flute and violin set on fire round dances and the vocal is so emotional, that nobody can sit still!
MistFolk successfully plays on tours in many cities of the South of Russia. In 2012 together with the dance group Madfeets the show “Music of Green Hills” was put on the stage. MistFolk became finalist of the international contest Star Way Culture Festival-2013.
In 2013 MistFolk took part at WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance). WOMAD, which is listed as the biggest international festival at The Guinness Book of Records, was held in Russia at first time in 2013, since 1982.
In December 2013 MistFolk had presented first album “Mudrecam nel’zja!..” (“No sages allowed!”). Album combines heroic and joyful, balladic and vigorous tracks, which will not leave you unmoved!

Official site: mistfolk.ru
Facebook: facebook.com/MistFolk


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Most played songs

1Heroes of Nordic Runes 183
2Tavern 'Stone Barrel' 176
3Moon Song 168

Most popular songs

1Heroes of Nordic Runes 4.3
2Tavern 'Stone Barrel' 4.2
3Moon Song 4.1