Irenthoth's Dream

By NemuerSpotify (2014)


This unconventional emotional music will transport you into a different world - world of dark fantasy, ancient civilizations, druids and gods. Its atmosphere feels like a very strange but very interesting dream. A combination of special ethnic instruments (such as jaw-harp, didgeridoo), deep vocals (and throat singing), gentle female soprano and haunting tones of acoustic guitar evokes extra-ordinary vivid images and feelings in the listeners. It is even enlarged by the fact that the vocals do not contain any known language and therefore seems to be somehow prehistorically distant and inexplicably familiar at the same time.


1. The Forgotten Mountain (Excerpt) 3.32 ***
2. Red Moon (Excerpt) 5.20 ****
3. On the Run (Excerpt) 5.00 ***
4. Under the Tree of Memories (Excerpt) 4.55 ***
5. Night of Uncertainty 4.16 **** Spotify
6. End of the World 4.01 **** Spotify


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