Neptic Octasterus


A.k.a "Evripidis Poulios and Konstantinos Tsekeridis"

942 plays, 27 songs on radio, from Greece

Neptic Octasterus is a two-member independent art-and-music project from Greece. The project is focused on Dark, Fantasy, Medieval, Atmospheric and NeoFolk themes. Music falls into categories such as Soundtrack, Symphonic, Orchestral, Cinematic, Ambient, Dark, Gothic, Celtic, Medieval, Fantasy, Experimental Music. Art focuses on Medieval, Byzantine, Fantasy and Traditional themes and falls into categories such as Digital, Modern/Post-Modern, Contemporary, Black and White, Abstract, Surreal, Digital Engraving, Traditional and Full-Color Art. Art and music are provided for films, art projects, videos, theater, advertisements, games, books etc and can be used after special license. Neptic Octasterus is a dynamic project and open to any other project, collaboration, professional call etc.

Official site:
Soundcloud: evrikatz


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