Omri Lahav


2290 plays, 24 songs on radio, from Israel

Born December 4th, 1985

I am a composer, orchestrator, producer and multi-instrumentalist.
Born in Israel, I currently operate my studio in Studio City, CA.

Studying music and piano since I was 3, I became professionally engaged in the music industry at the age of 15.
To date, I am proud to have created original music for dozens of video games, films, TV & web series, musicals as well as numerous studio albums.

In 2016 I released a debut solo album, Dust, which can be heard right here.

Being a multi-instrumentalist gives me a wide, insightful perspective on orchestration, and inspires me to constantly seek new ways to produce sound with the many tools at my disposal!
Young Omri Lahav

Other than studying music for my entire adult life, I hold a specialist certificate from Berklee College of Music.
I am one of four composers selected for the 2017 Society of Composers and Lyricists Mentor Program, and have participated in unique masterclasses with Maestro Randy Edelman (2010) and Maestro Sharon Farber (2013).

Official site:
Twitter: Omri_lahav


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