A.k.a "Ivan Garin"

1895 plays, 19 songs on radio, from Russia

Hello! My name is Ivan and I am from Russia. Most of my family members were scientists and engineers, they expected that I will follow the same way... After years of studying I have entered the Moscow State University(Department of Physics), but after the exams I was expelled(now I hate the nuclear physics:D). I had never tried to make music before, but I have been playing computer games(HoMM, Elder Scrolls, Warcraft, Diablo and many else) and the fantasy music is still one of my favorites. For the four next years I have studied music theory, art of mixing, orchestrating, different music instruments from around the world, music programs and VSTi plugins(even created my own!). At 2013 I have started to play piano. My favorite composers are: Paul Anthony Romero, Jeremy Soule, John Williams and Howard Shore, their music inspires me everyday! My dream - to become a composer for films or videogames. My life for music!

Official site:
Soundcloud: phantawalker


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