Project Morfeo


A.k.a "Gianfranco Biagini"

1274 plays, 8 songs on radio, from Italy

Project Morfeo started several years ago with the idea to create "emotive and dark" compositions. Project Morfeo is now entering the world of Dark ambient fantasy. Atmospheric Music inspired by the romanticism found in the medieval ages, where magic was present in deep forests and enchanted castles...

The new project "Vintermusikk" focuses on feelings such as discovery, tranquility and suspense. The completed album will feature 8 instrumental songs. It's musically influenced by bands like, Arcana, Dargaard, Musikk Kring Vasa, Aghast and Elend, among many others. Thanks to its synthetic basis and the many musical influences, Project Morfeo has achieved to create a distinct sound.

Hope you enjoy it.
Gianfranco Biagini - Project Morfeo

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