A.k.a "Salva Moreno"

2239 plays, 10 songs on radio, from Spain

Psicodreamics is the ambient music project that reveals the unique magic, mysterious and idyllic world of musical art of Spanish composer Salva Moreno. A great part of his music world is inspired by mythology and fantasy creating a rich sanctuary of haunting and mysterious fairyworld sound, covering many genres, mainly ambient, new age, goth and chillout. His songs have been featured in many spezialized magazines and relevant long-running radioshows covering new age music like Hearts of Space, Echoes and Ultima Thule among others. His discography is fully available thru the best online retailers and digital stores like CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon among others.

2011 Ancient Wisdom
2009 Fantasynth
2008 Ambiethernum
2006 Theatre des Vampires
2004 Azhdark Passion
2003 Eternal Angel
2000 The Garden
1997 Mythomusic
1995 Midnight Tales (WOTR)
1993 The Unknown Frontier

Official site:
Twitter: psicodreamics
Soundcloud: psicodreamics


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