Ancient Wisdom

By PsicodreamicsSpotify (2011)


"Ancient Wisdom" is the new work of Psicodreamics inspired by Celtic myth and the wisdom of the ancients. Psicodreamics has conjured the muses to create a new musical tale that will transport us in time and space to know from the ritual of the Druids and pagan beliefs to the veneration of Mother Earth and the wisdom of
nature. All this through eleven tracks of the most varied styles, which mixes ambient, downtempo and world fusion among others, that will make you feel feeling. Be seduced and dive into a world of sensations that take over your mind and senses and will change the way we perceive the reality around us. Only available on digital download from CDBaby, iTunes and the best digital stores.


6. My Beloved Loneliness 6.04 **** Spotify
8. Earth Prayer 6.07 **** Spotify


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