Richard Altenbach

Richard Altenbach

From USA

Richard brings 20+ years of orchestral and Hollywood Studio experience to his compositions. As an A-List Violinist, including Principal for Danny Elfman, his resume includes work with such composers as John Williams, John Barry, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Howard Shore, James Newton Howard, and the late great Jerry Goldsmith. A short list of film credits include Spiderman I & II, Charlotte's Web, Matrix I, II, & III, Pirates of the Caribbean I & II, Superman Returns, Munich, Titanic, Lion King, King Kong, and the Number 23.

His film and game scores range from quirky to provocative, forging cutting-edge soundscapes ranging in character from somber to humorous, sci-fi to lush, epic orchestral. His Renaissance, Baroque, and ethnic themes project you to far-off places in time, while his New Age offerings bring you right back to Topanga Canyon, California, planet Earth-his home.

In March 2007, Biting Personalities, a short film which Richard scored, won the So-Cal Cinema Slam in Hollywood and is heading for SUNDANCE. The Slam is a 72-hour concept-to-completion competition. Music was composed, performed, and recorded in less than 8 hours!

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