Rising Shadows


A.k.a "Fredrik Klingwall & Linda-li Dahlin"

6005 plays, 41 songs on radio, from Sweden

Rising Shadows started back in 1996 under the name Shadow of the Concealed. Within the first year of existence The Gathering was made. The demo however remained unreleased due to quality reasons. Work instead began on a second tape called The Seventh Gate.

The release in autumn 1997 coincided with the change of bandname into Rising Shadows. Still the only person involved was Fredrik Klingwall. Another cassette was recorded to promote the change of name but it wasn´t exactly wellspread. The first Rising Shadows release worth of it's name came over a year later. In autumn 1999 Delirium was released. It passed by rather unnoticed and Fredrik started writing more filmmusic and solowork instead. While Rising Shadows more and more plunged down into oblivion. Over the years some material was made and the concept became clearer, in 2004 the time was right to bring life to this project. Together with singer Linda-li a new demo was created. Horror Vacui was released in August 2004.

Rising Shadows

Official site: risingshadows.net


heroic665 29 December, 2006 at 02:40 1

From the six songs that I've heard on RR, I'm not terribly impressed.


OneBlueSky 13 October, 2013 at 04:33 1

Having three albums from them, I genuinely enjoy the music. Not for everyone, that's for sure! But it's definitely for me.


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