Susanna Marras


360 plays, 4 songs on radio

Susanna Marras, born Quagliariello, is a classically-trained composer and songwriter.

She began playing piano at age five. At age 16 she earned the music theory teaching license for musicians and composers at the National Conservatory of Music "Domenico Cimarosa" of Avellino. She later earned Berklee's "Specialist Certificate in Composing and Orchestrating Music for Film and Videogames".

Holding a M.Sc. in History and Critique of Cinema from L.U.M.S.A. university, she began working at VFX Wizard srl in 2004, and has composed over 140 pieces of music for images and new media since then.

She has a deep passion towards fantasy and science fiction, and serves as director of Italy's foremost online school specialized in Visual Effects and 3D animation, the "Academy of Digital Cinematography". She also runs Italy's most popular site devoted to digital orchestration and orchestral midi music, "Musica Digitale" - an english version is currently in the works.

She's currently involved in the production of the cross-media movie and videogame "Saaelle", produced by VFX Wizard srl. Most of her compositions unrelated to work are mockups for the "Saaelle" soundtrack.

Official site:
Twitter: SusannaQua
Soundcloud: shyfox


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