The Fellowship


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A group of professional musicians (including Jon Anderson of Yes) who came together to create "genuine" music of Middle Earth, using only traditional early music instruments and arrangements.


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Most played songs

1Tir Im 320
2The Blood of Kings 317
3Eala Earendel 314
4Orome: Lord of the Hunt 312
5When Durin Woke 312
6The Man in the Moon 291
7Dan Barliman's Jig
8Silver Bowl
9Verse to Elbereth Gilthoníel
11Beware the Wolf
12Creation Hymn
13Sacred Stones
14Battle of Evermore
15Verses of Elbereth Gilthoníel
16Evening Star
17Tir Im
18The Man in the Moon
19Orome: Lord of the Hunt
20When Durin Woke

Most popular songs

1The Blood of Kings 4.3
2Tir Im 4.2
3The Man in the Moon 4.0
4Eala Earendel 3.9
5Orome: Lord of the Hunt 3.0
6When Durin Woke 2.8
7Battle of Evermore
8Beware the Wolf
9Creation Hymn
10Dan Barliman's Jig