The Light of Shadows


A.k.a "Anett Enzmann"

1006 plays, 5 songs on radio, from Germany

When I decided to take singing lessons as a classical singer (and actually had to fight for it) my life changed forever. Since then I went on an interesting journey through the musical styles. If doing opera and sacral music (solo and choir) while being the female voice of a synthiepop band wasn't weird enough, I took a short trip to gothic music (sold about 30 copies of this particular recording or so ;) ) and then fell for folky and fantasy-themed music - it could be done with minimal means to have great effect on campfires.
After doing this for ten years or so there was nothing left for me to explore (I felt) so I founded another project called "The Conqueror Worm" after the poem by E.A. Poe, which combines acoustic instruments and the dark poetry of the 19th century. And with the advancement of technology I took a step into actual composing, so now I am doing (electronic) orchestra pieces as "The Light of Shadows" and more ambiency work which mainly is intended to be used in role playing games and movie trailers and such.

I am usually quite adventurous when it comes to creating and composing music and despite the fact, that I actually studied musicology, I don't care very much for musical traditions and rules of composition. If it works, it's fine. So here I am now, let's see where this journey will take me!

Soundcloud: light-and-shadow-1


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