The Soil Bleeds Black

The Soil Bleeds Black

The Soil Bleeds Black explore the traditions and customs of medieval Europe
with the ambition of drawing the listener into a world of the ancient past.
To listen is to immerse oneself in Middle Age atmospheres and customs. One
may visit the valor of knights on the battefield, savor the simplicity of
common peasant life, explore the laboratory of the magician, or seek the
romance of lovers, musicians, and poets. All intriguing lifestyles are given
attention within the musical expressions of TSBB.
The Soil Bleeds Black was conceived in the year 1992 as a project that
focused on the experimental visions of twin brothers, Mark and Michael
Riddick. Over the years the concepts changed as the brothers searched for a
complete sound that could appropriately exhibit their transformative
thoughts and interests. This endeavor reached a particular climax in the
year 1994, when TSBB took on a sound of pure medieval folkloric expression.
Essentially, The Soil Bleeds Black aim to convey an enchanting
conglomeration of raw sound, middle age custom, and self-expression through
ancient allegory, alchemical tract, and their entourage of medieval
instruments. This American act is well known in the underground scene of
Renaissance music.
The three members: Eugenia, Mark and Michael Riddick have released over 10
CDs and been on 20 compilations (or more) over the years!
World Serpent, Draenor Prod and Fossil Dungeon are among the labels that
have released TSBB.

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