Tommy Tallarico


1938 plays, 23 songs on radio, from USA

Born February 18th, 1968


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No albums found.

Most played songs

1Final Battle 337
2Black Dawn 331
3Muse 330
4Evil Dead Battle 318
5Evil Dead Finale 315
6Title Track 307
7Here's To the Bard - Viking Mix
8Beer, Beer, Beer
9McGrath Castle
10The Chosen One #1
11The Chosen One #2
12The Chosen One #3
13The Chosen One #4
14The Chosen One #5
15The Chosen One #6
16The Chosen One #7
17The Tale of the Nuckelavee
18Title Track
19Black Dawn
20Evil Dead Battle

Most popular songs

1Evil Dead Finale 4.2
2Muse 4.2
3Title Track 4.2
4Final Battle 4.1
5Evil Dead Battle 3.9
6Black Dawn 3.8
7Beer, Beer, Beer
8Black Dawn
9Evil Dead Battle
10Evil Dead Finale