William Kersten


2989 plays, 14 songs on radio, from USA

Born in Reno, Nevada in 1955, William Kersten began composing music and making films as a teenager. His music is for orchestra, band, voice and chamber groups, as well as scores for productions including film, television, the Reno Little Theater and Bruka Theater. He studied orchestration and French Horn with John Lenz at the University of Nevada, Reno, and has played in the Reno Philharmonic, Reno Chamber Orchestra and Nevada Opera orchestra. His major compositions include "Romantic Symphony for Orchestra in Four Movements" and "Earth and "Paradise - Song-Cycle for Soprano and Orchestra" based on songs of Christina Rosetti, Anne Bronte and Thomas Beddoes. Recently he collaborated with the Vienna Symphonic Library on a performance of "Prospice" - a long aria-like song for Tenor and Orchestra, based upon the poem by Robert Browning and featuring the Austrian tenor Ferdinand von Plettenberg.

He has also performed several highly detailed realizations of classical masterpieces for their official online demos, including works by Vaughn Williams, Holst and Borodin. The films he has made include the 16mm dramatic features "Remember Tomorrow" and "Aberration," and the HD video short film "Metaphysical Toymaking" which was featured at the International Surrealist Film Festival and Zero Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Official site: williamkersten.com


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