Chivalry: A Symphonic Fantasy

By William KerstenSpotify


A rich symphonic work evoking a world of heroic fantasy and adventure, recorded with the state of the art virtual orchestra, the Vienna Symphonic Library. "Chivalry: a Symphonic Fantasy" uses massive orchestral forces, including the majestic Vienna Konzerthaus Pipe Organ and East West Symphonic Choirs, to depict many different moods and emotions of a journey into fantasy. It was William Kersten's goal to combine many contrasting pieces composed over years of time into one musical adventure, a "filmscore of the mind," ranging from the story-telling "Troubador" and pastoral "Old Country," to the magical "Dance of the Fay" and brutal "Legion of Darkness." The suite climaxes with the powerful "Battle Fury" featuring an enormous brass and percussion ensemble, the tragic "Death of a Hero" and finally, a hymn-like evocation of the romantic knights of "Chivalry" and their victory in "Triumphal March."


Battle Fury 4.27 ****
Chivalry 3.46 ****
Dance of the Fay 2.42 ****
Death of a Hero 4.16 ****
Idyll 2.56 ****
Journey to the Mountains 4.41 ***
Kingdom of Sorrows 3.53 ****
Legion of Darkness 2.16 ****
Ride to the Castle 2.33 ****
Temple of the Warriors 3.26 ****
The Old Country 2.25 ****
The Quest 4.04 ****
The Troubador 4.40 ****
Triumphal March 3.24 ****


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