A.k.a "Patrick Lange, Jan Haak and Konstantine Kazantzis"

11305 plays, 74 songs on radio, from Germany

X-Score is a composer team consisting of Patrick Lange, Jan Haak and Konstantine Kazantzis. Patrick and Jan have worked in several musical projects together and founded X-Score in 2011, while working on their latest collaboration. They both had already pursued many scoring projects of their own, before they came together for X-Score. The idea behind X-Score was to join the creative power of two composers for epic game and film music. Konstantine joined the X-Score team in 2013, while working in collaboration with Jan on the first "Vault fo Oblivion" release.

Official site: x-score.de
Soundcloud: x-score
Facebook: https://facebook.com/xscoreofficial


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