We're always looking for fitting advertisers to support our community. We don't offer any advertisements for the radio stream though, but we have three banner options on the website. Consider that this is a fantasy community and forum and that we reserve the right to reject banners that don't fit our audience or moral guidelines.

Page banner (below player) 336 x 280 $ 5 / 1000 impressions
Page banner (below player) 300 x 250 $ 5 / 1000 impressions
Forum banner (inbetween posts, one on each page) 728 x 90 $ 5 / 1000 impressions
Front page banner (below first news post) 468 x 60  $ 5 / 1000 impressions



The banners could be either images (PNG, JPG or GIF) or SWF-files.


Feel very free to contact the webmaster to discuss any propositions!