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luciana eight years ago
quiero jugar este juego olain
Conjurer eight years ago
We're getting this project moving again! Anyone who is still making tracks or wants to make tracks them PM me!
Victor Emanuel seven years ago
Hello there. This projects looks awesome. I would like to apply to track 15, Splitting the Atom.
Laura Olson seven years ago
I would love to apply for track 5. I love dark. I have some brand new stuff that has been unreleased/published and would be exclusive for your album. It is originally planned for my next album which is inspired by grimm's tales (very dark) and I think I have some tracks that would fit. They are dark and atmospheric/ambient with some moments of large revelations! If you want to listen I would have to send them to you or set up a private link for them on soundcloud. Please let me know. Thanks
Terra Nava one year ago
Hi administrator, Keep it up!

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