This is Radio Rivendell's interview section. Here we'll present our own interviews. We'll primarily focus on lesser known artists and bands. Though if we can get the big guys we will!

  • Jeff Broadbent

    Jeff Broadbent

    10 June, 2014 • Elrond3 comments

    Jeff Broadbent is a Hollywood Music In Media Award-winning and Global Music Award-winning composer whose passion for music and sound has been heard around the world in numerous video games, television programs, trailers, and films. …

  • Erdenstern


    27 April, 2013 • Elrond6 comments

    Erdenstern is a German group and is a strong favourite of many of Radio Rivendell’s listeners. Comprising of Andreas Petersen, Eva-Maria Irek, and Per Dittman, this Hamburg based trio have written and released a vast collection of CDs and soundtracks under their own label. …

  • Uruk-Hai


    25 June, 2012 • Elrond2 comments

    Uruk-Hai's concept was born in 1999 by Alexander Wieser (Hugin), who produced a handful of recordings for friends under the band name of Hrossharsgrani. After receiving positive feedback, Uruk-Hai became its own musical entity with influences mainly coming from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. …

  • Lost Kingdom (2012)

    Lost Kingdom (2012)

    10 June, 2012 • Elrond1 comments

    Last interviewed by Radio Rivendell in 2007, Lost Kingdom has continued to create inspiring and unique music. With a classical style, the brothers Daniel and Mikael Tjernberg have composed and produced several albums. Radio Rivendell revisits to discover what they have been up to since we last spoke with them.

  • Za Frûmi (2012)

    Za Frûmi (2012)

    16 May, 2012 • Elrond3 comments

    We've yet again interviewed "the orcs" in the band Za Frûmi! Radio Rivendell (RR): What initially gave you the idea to form Za Frûmi? The concept certainly is very unique, with the mix you threw together never being used before. …

  • Priscilla Hernández

    Priscilla Hernández

    29 April, 2012 • Elrond9 comments

    We've scored an interview with the talented singer, songwriter and artist Priscilla Hernández from Spain. This time we're doing it in audio! Hear all about her live performances, the illustrations and fairies! …

  • Ted Nasmith

    Ted Nasmith

    25 April, 2012 • Elrond7 comments

    We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview Ted Nasmith, renowned illustrator, scholar, and musician. Best known for his works portraying the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings, Ted has allowed Radio Rivendell to delve into his creative world. …

  • Inon Zur

    Inon Zur

    15 September, 2011 • • 4 comments

    This is our interview with Inon Zur, a well known Israeli composer famous for the soundtracks to Dragon Age, EverQuest, Lineage and Prince of Persia among others.

  • Sean Beeson (2011)

    Sean Beeson (2011)

    8 July, 2011 • • 2 comments

    Our member Lulu has interviews our own radio favourite and long time member Sean Beeson, who's been around Radio Rivendell for many years now. He's been quite busy, read all about it! Oh, and don't forget to listen to his track he dedicated to Radio Rivendell!

  • James Hannigan

    James Hannigan

    30 September, 2010 • • 1 comments

    Thank you James, for agreeing to be interviewed by Radio Rivendell. You’ve received more BAFTA nominations than I’ve had cooked meals, so it’s going to be a tricky one! …

  • Aubrey Ashburn

    Aubrey Ashburn

    11 August, 2010 • • 6 comments

    Aubrey, firstly thanks for agreeing for Radio Rivendell to interview you! It is a great honour. A: Thank you! You immersed yourself in music and the arts from a young age. What made you decide to pursue a career in becoming a singer/songwriter? …

  • Lost Kingdom

    Lost Kingdom

    20 August, 2007 • • 0 comments

    In the year of 2000 the two Swedish brothers Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg had some musical ideas that didn’t seem to fit Metal Fusion, their main band at the time. …

  • Howard Shore

    13 March, 2007 • • 0 comments

    Interview with Howard Shore about The Lord of the Rings. Official webpage (This is an old republished interview) Interview by David Purdie David Purdie: Thank you for doing this Interview such a hectic day! Howard Shore: No problem. The game is afoot! David: What do you mean? …

  • Za Frûmi

    21 February, 2007 • • 0 comments

    Za Frûmi is one of my favorite bands for the moment. They are one of the few bands that are part of the avant-garde. They always push the limits of their genre and create wonderful tales. The band doesn’t need an introduction so I tried to ask them some personal questions. …

  • Sean Beeson

    21 January, 2007 • • 0 comments

    Sean Beeson is an emerging young composer in the videogame industry. His most recent videogame credits include, "The Operational Art of War III" and "The Delicate Pearls of Pandora" among various other titles. …

  • Arcana


    18 January, 2007 • • 0 comments

    Arcana The brain behind Arcana is Peter Bjärgö. In 2003 he ended his deal with Cold meat and started to release Arcana on his own label, Erebus odora. He also changed his surname from Pettersson to Bjärgö when he married Ia, who sings choir parts for Arcana. …

  • Paul Houseman

    Paul Houseman

    8 October, 2006 • • 0 comments

    This is our first interview in our newly started section! First off is Paul Houseman from Finland, a young and very talented composer. Paul Houseman on Radio Rivendell Official webpage What musical education have you had? Hmm, let me think... none! What inspired you to start writing/composing? …