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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowParcel of Rogues SpotifyBeltaine
02:23Mermaid PrincessDerek Fiechter
02:16Reign of the Sorcerer-KingDronolan's Tower
02:15First Falling SnowElias Luukkanen
02:12My Heart Belongs To The NorthErang
02:07The CastleErdenstern
02:04Star GazingThe Slanted Room
02:01The Old Walking SongLonely Star
01:59Long Lost DiaryPaul Houseman
01:53ChapelKai Rosenkranz
01:51Hero FightPeter Szwach
01:45Prelude In C Sharp MinorSaul Gefen
01:43Scenes from "The Dead Matter"Midnight Syndicate
01:41Song 33Dynamedion SoundDesign
01:38Following the Master SpotifyGianmarco Leone
01:35A Swashbuckler's FanfareDustin Naegel
01:30Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER & François 'Varenfel' BREY / Scarecrow VillageSpiky
01:25Morning GloryLost Kingdom
01:22Good luck ThornsHetoreyn
01:20Ordo Koum Jano Te (Version 1)Za Frûmi
01:17Die Chronik AventuriensErdenstern
01:13Just Kill It!Erdenstern
01:12Laer en-AduialJessica Rae Butler
01:09The Flying MachineTom W Hall
01:07A Master of ConscienceAdam Skorupa
01:04Sir GalahadDerek & Brandon Fiechter
00:58Dance of the SeraphimSymphonic Chronicles
00:54Don't let goHannu Honkonen
00:47The JourneySean Beeson
00:45Shadow of the PhoenixDynamedion SoundDesign
00:42Fight for your VillageNovem Music
00:38Die Stadt in den WolkenErdenstern
00:37Quillmore CityPeter Szwach
00:34If Mountains Could SingCelestial Aeon Project
00:32Big BangAlex Must
00:28The Great Feast SpotifySound of Games
00:25HighlandThe Slanted Room
00:21Siren's CallDerek Fiechter
00:18The Forgotten Forest SpotifyBrandon Fiechter
00:14The Hands Of TimeKirill Pokrovsky
00:11Whispers From The NightIska
00:06Quest For Glory ThemeChristoph Sachal
00:04Elvendale WoodsSean Beeson
00:00Mia irmana fremosaFaitissa
23:53Arctic Selkies SpotifyBrandon Fiechter
23:49Quayside PubErdenstern
23:45Bound for EternityKirill Pokrovsky