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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

06:53Swit nad ArbadenJan Grochowski
06:51The Elvish KingdomJon Adamich
06:49Death Fights ArchonJesper Kyd
06:44Fall of the Dreaming City (Excerpt)Francisco Nogueiras
06:43The King's FoolDavutus
06:39Last Day of the WorldLindar Olostur
06:38ClimacticaPaul Houseman
06:33AiwassZa Frûmi
06:27Gedankensplitter SpotifyUmnachter
06:25Child of EternitySean Beeson
06:21The Town of WitchwoodeBjorn Lynne
06:20Ultima - Ethereal Void theme 2Celestial Aeon Project
06:17A Most Perfect BreezeLaura Olson
06:15Final Investigation SpotifyFrancesco Siano
06:13RuinsA Moment of Reflection
06:10The Forgotten Mountain (Excerpt)Nemuer
06:08Returning to the FortressAdam Skorupa
06:07Chapter 24 : Blood tearsEverlasting Dream
06:04Fiddle SoloRobert Euvino
06:02A Secret GardenMantle of Dust
06:00Inspiring MusicSmirnov Nickolay
05:56Shadow SkimmerMarkus Schneider
05:53Dead ColdRising Shadows
05:50Villeman og Magnhild SpotifyJessica Comeau
05:49East of the SeaTurbine, Inc.
05:46Eines Fiebertraumes Zugeständnis SpotifyUmnachter
05:43Dog SledErdenstern
05:41The MarketHalindir
05:38Of Frogs and PrincesLaura Olson
05:35Die Letzten Tage von LorinOrkpack
05:33Medium In TranceKirill Pokrovsky
05:27InvasionPetite Viking
05:23Thoughts of God SpotifyPal Zoltan Illes
05:19Die Stadt in den WolkenErdenstern
05:17Song 29Dynamedion SoundDesign
05:13Dragon's Lair SpotifyBrandon Fiechter
05:10The Walk of the Mourning DeadThe Light of Shadows
05:07Bravery of Hobbits SpotifyTincolindo
05:03Donner und SturmErdenstern
05:01Laning 2 - Brothers in ArmsCelestial Aeon Project
04:46Lake of TwilightCelestial Aeon Project
04:45Ultima - Music BoxCelestial Aeon Project
04:41Astral Academy SpotifyAri Pulkkinen
04:40Tears In the rainCelestial Aeon Project
04:34Let Us Go Exploring (Excerpt)GingerTom
04:32CountrysideKen Young