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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowHold the GatesX-Score
23:26Das Wunder von DragenhorstOrkpack
23:22What Might Have Been SpotifyDavutus
23:19The Day We Left EarthX-Score
23:16Ruins of SiosSean Beeson
23:14One Man ArmyX-Score
23:10Trail Of Hatmandor SpotifyGlorian
23:06Stewards of Gondor SpotifyTincolindo
23:04Event IIIHalindir
23:01CreditsDynamedion SoundDesign
22:59ZangarangCelestial Aeon Project
22:54Ancient RuinsAlex Must
22:50Resurrection Of The DeadErdenstern
22:46Enchanted MirrorDerek Fiechter
22:44Fiddle SoloRobert Euvino
22:34Astrum TerraeVitrum Atrum
22:33Ultima - Magic TricksCelestial Aeon Project
22:30Where No Hope DwellsAlex Lambrino
22:28Swashbuckling Privateers SpotifyAndreas Waldetoft
22:27Absolute ForceJoey Newman
22:23Founder Of A DynastyErdenstern
22:22Ultima - Joyful SpiritsCelestial Aeon Project
22:19Sacred Elven ForestPhantawalker
22:16A Most Perfect BreezeLaura Olson
22:13Heaven's TearsRichard J Durand
22:10Following the Master SpotifyGianmarco Leone
22:07Siege of CanterlotAurelleah
22:03Garth AgarwenTurbine, Inc.
21:59A Warm Coffin Made Of SnowErang
21:52Wounded EyesNeptic Octasterus
21:49Into The Mist SpotifyGlorian
21:45The MeetingLost Kingdom
21:42The Tomb of ElendilPeter Clarke
21:38Die Stadt der VyenLa Hija Ciana
21:36Niƫnor and Glaurung, father of dragonsFrancisco Nogueiras
21:34Athelas and the EvenstarAdam Langston
21:33RevelationsMidnight Syndicate
21:31Call of Magic (tribute to Jeremy Soule)Smirnov Nickolay
21:28A Fragile Hope SpotifyDavutus
21:26Medieval Melody 1Marco Lo Muscio
21:24The Giant Dragon (Orchestral Version) SpotifyAri Pulkkinen
21:22Lunar RevelPraeco
21:19Kudmoth MarchSean Beeson
21:11Minas TirithJonathan Peters
21:09DravenMarcel Scheitza
21:06The Gift SpotifyPsicodreamics
21:02Seekers Of Long-Forgotten TreasureErdenstern