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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowSchwarze LandeOrkpack
04:52The Blood of Kings SpotifyThe Fellowship
04:48Fantasy TuneChristoph Sachal
04:43Bilbo's Last SongLonely Star
04:41Nebelstreif SpotifyBallycotton
04:35Gold & Silver TreesThe Lonely Mountain Band
04:33The Endless DrumMantle of Dust
04:30Dwarven ClockworkKirill Pokrovsky
04:26Grazing LandSimon W. Autenrieth
04:20The SmithRobert Euvino
04:16Falling Moonlight SpotifySovaroz├╝m
04:15Near The Chasm Of WarMantle of Dust
04:12Ancient PresenceKirill Pokrovsky
04:09Majestic SpotifyKaren Altman
04:07Time is LostOrkpack
04:02Creation of the World (Excerpt)Antti Martikainen
03:59Hold the GatesX-Score
03:49Nevrast SpotifyAinulindale╠ł
03:47Suspicious SmithfieldHetoreyn
03:43Thorin OakenshieldDerek & Brandon Fiechter
03:38Monsters From the DeepEpic North
03:35GraceCity of the Fallen
03:32A Tale Amongst The Tombs (Part 3) - LullNeptic Octasterus
03:27The Great Feast SpotifySound of Games
03:23Galopp SpotifySumerluft
03:19Zwischen Finsternis und LichtErdenstern
03:16Through the TownDavutus
03:12Adventurer (Live)Conjurer
03:08Naiad River SpotifyDerek Fiechter
03:05Favorable WindErdenstern
03:01Frost Arrives SpotifyKaren Altman
02:55Narfland (Excerpt)Erdenstern
02:51Strong Current, Large ShoalsErdenstern
02:48Magic ForestDerek Fiechter
02:45Going DownErdenstern
02:41FascinationSean Beeson
02:35The Book of Gandalf (Excerpt)Marco Lo Muscio
02:31Spur 2Mantle of Dust
02:28Riddles in the Dark SpotifyFraser Purdie
02:23Eternal MusicJule Konrad
02:21Ultima - AwakeningEssence
02:16Domain of the SpecterLi-Hsin Huang
02:11Bran The KingErdenstern
02:10Song 10Dynamedion SoundDesign
02:07Sad resolutionEverlasting Dream
02:01The Battle of the Five Armies SpotifyFraser Purdie
01:57Time is missingEverlasting Dream
01:53Orc WarriorsBrandon Fiechter
01:50Haute Chose a en AmourEnsemble La Volta