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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowWorld Will DecideDavid McKenzie & Bill Hutchinson
03:12Tomb of Anubis SpotifyLaura Olson
03:09Nexus - Part II [Kinesthesia]Francisco Nogueiras
03:03Pirates of the Flying Fortress (Reprise) SpotifyBorislav Slavov, Victor Stoyanov
02:56From Grove To Thicket, Hasten Thee - O'er Root And Under Tree! SpotifyMake-Believe Machines
02:51The UndecidedMetal Renard
02:48Through The Fields SpotifyAcherontic Dawn
02:46Event IHalindir
02:41Cantiga Medley SpotifyBroceliande
02:34Approaching Target 1 SpotifyJesper Kyd
02:31VenusRalf Kurtsiefer
02:27Machine CityErdenstern
02:22Unfamiliar WatersLaura Olson
02:19The Last HeroManuele Foti
02:15Armor of A HeroChulainn
02:12New Land (variation)Balaghan
02:07Caves of DamnationNemuer
02:05The FountainSean Beeson
02:03As Tears Go By SpotifyAngels of Venice
02:02The QuestePetite Viking
02:00The Burial SpotifyStuart Hancock
01:57Shadows DescendMidnight Syndicate
01:53Eiserner WaldErdenstern
01:50Dwarf CommandersPhantawalker
01:48GlacierCelestial Aeon Project
01:44Dream of a Warrior SpotifyLaura Olson
01:42Rise And FallCity of the Fallen
01:39RebornKirill Pokrovsky
01:37Vildhjärta AwekensSimon Kölle
01:34A View from the Hills SpotifyDavutus
01:28The CurseZa Frûmi
01:23Journey To The SunSean Beeson
01:13ParanoiaRobert Euvino
01:12Laning 3 - Tension is BuildingCelestial Aeon Project
01:11Something Twisted This Way ComesBrad Derrick
01:08Inside the City WallsAdam Speck
01:05Hold the GatesX-Score
01:03Ultima - Icy CavesCelestial Aeon Project
01:02The GroveTravis A. Richards
00:58A New DawnKirill Pokrovsky
00:56UnleashedSean Beeson
00:55Forces of GoodBill Brown And Jamie Christopherson
00:52Into The Valley Of Shadows SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
00:47When Durin WokeThe Fellowship
00:45Keep promisesRise Studios
00:41ImagineLa Hija Ciana
00:36Near By The FiresideJoran Elane
00:33The Cult of MaelzethZa Frûmi