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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowAmaranth: The Spirit RevivedHelen Trevillion
04:46An AstrailhadBeltaine
04:44Old MineKai Rosenkranz
04:43Tavern 2Glorian
04:40If only I could go Back..Richard J Durand
04:37Lake of SerenityKirill Pokrovsky
04:34Night Of KismetJoey Newman
04:30Knights of the Cross SpotifyCristiano Filippini
04:17Descent of the Snow-Lion, Op.6 (June 2012)Patrick Walters
04:15Turn of the TideLi-Hsin Huang
04:14The Mighty Warrior Pontius Part II SpotifyAri Pulkkinen
04:09Two Worlds II Theme (Reprise) SpotifyGlorian
04:04Leaving the Shire (Remix)Patrice Deceuninck
04:00A Shortcut to MushroomsThe Lonely Mountain Band
03:57EternityEverlasting Dream
03:54Eines Fiebertraumes Zugeständnis SpotifyUmnachter
03:53Valliant FightBill Brown And Jamie Christopherson
03:52Typewriter DanceJan Morgenstern
03:51OutroIn Scissors
03:49Death's Door Step (Intro)Oriphier
03:46Heart of The Wild SpotifyGlorian
03:44The Four Seasons SingingKirill Pokrovsky
03:40Spur 4Mantle of Dust
03:39Ballad DanceNiels Eggert Benzon
03:35Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER / My HappYnessSpiky
03:31Anach Cuan/Carolan's Dream SpotifySamantha Gillogly & Tim Maurice
03:28A Valley Of Forgotten IncantationsMantle of Dust
03:25Court Minstrel SpotifyDerek Fiechter
03:23HuntingKai Rosenkranz
03:17The Forgotten HallsJonatan Crafoord
03:15Kardizam 2Liesbeth Dulcimer
03:03Flying IslandCelestial Aeon Project
03:00Encounter At The RiverArnej Secerkadic
02:52Cavern Crawl Evil Unleashed Ascendance MedleyDronolan's Tower
02:47Danny BoyRoseWynde, Flute and Harp duo
02:44At the Edge of DeathKirill Pokrovsky
02:42Desert of IllusionsKirill Pokrovsky
02:41The Fens of Sargath SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
02:36Dawn of LifeAlex Must
02:32Night of Uncertainty SpotifyNemuer
02:27Die Entdeckung SimyalasErdenstern
02:23Victory at Scandaren SpotifyDavutus
02:20ExtremisEpic North
02:18NascenceCelestial Aeon Project
02:13Dark CavesSimon W. Autenrieth