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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowOrdo Botta SecretaZa Frûmi
15:16The Two Trees of ValinorFrancisco Nogueiras
15:15The King's FoolDavutus
15:13Gorn With The WindRobert Euvino
15:11Royal FanfareDavutus
15:07Burial Of Our FearErang
15:06Inferno Behemoth WIPMattias Westlund
15:04Death Fights ArchonJesper Kyd
15:02Story of the MakersJesper Kyd
15:01If the Walls Are Failing...Laura Olson
14:58RumplestilskenLaura Olson
14:53In a Loving Heart SpotifyLissa-Käthe
14:50Solemn EraFiresea
14:44Roses And BrimstoneAnabasis
14:40End of the World SpotifyNemuer
14:36House Of HealingErdenstern
14:28Mythago Wood Op.4Patrick Walters
14:23Lands of Despair SpotifyGlorian
14:16In HeavenLost Kingdom
14:13The Great Sacrifice Pt 1X-Score
14:10Tolbi Bound Ship (Golden Sun tribute)Smirnov Nickolay
14:05Orome: Lord of the HuntThe Fellowship
14:01Snow FightJan Morgenstern
13:56PortaraLyubomir Yordanov
13:52GravityJule Konrad
13:49A Mother's Love is DepartedRichard John S
13:46Fiddle SoloRobert Euvino
13:41Near By The FiresideJoran Elane
13:39Masque of Sorrow SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
13:34Enchanted Halls SpotifyAntti Martikainen
13:33Soul AngelPetite Viking
13:30Elven Morning LightJamie Christopherson
13:27Snow Queen's PalaceDerek Fiechter
13:20Water Sprites SpotifyBrandon Fiechter
13:16Queen Susan's Horn (Return to Cair Paravel)Averil 'Tincolindo' White
13:08Rivendell SpotifyJonathan Peters
13:04HeroesMattias Westlund
12:59Migrato AnimaeAtaraxia
12:55Bloody nightCeltic Music World
12:52Darknes in the LightInon Zur
12:51Wonders of the EverfreeAurelleah
12:47Dwarf CommandersPhantawalker
12:43Escape From the Dragons LairProject Morfeo
12:39The EndEpic Soul Factory
12:34The ConspiracyAlexander Werner Jr
12:29Uncertain FateMarcel Scheitza
12:26The Flying MachineTom W Hall