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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowTriumphal MarchWilliam Kersten
09:31The voice of the nightPriscilla Hernandez
09:26RivendellPatrice Deceuninck
09:23Code Of HonourErdenstern
09:22War PipesTurbine, Inc.
09:18Dance of UrFiresea
09:14The Story Begins SpotifyDavutus
09:08Eternal WinterBrandon Fiechter
09:04Sylvan DreamsDronolan's Tower
09:00Allendale SquareDronolan's Tower
08:58Requiem (Old version)Rob Westwood
08:51Spirits of the Dead SpotifyFredrik Klingwall
08:46No Way OutGargrim the Liar
08:44The Land Of Ancient TalesErdenstern
08:41Leonardo's Inventions, Pt. 2 SpotifyJesper Kyd
08:40Tavern 1Glorian
08:32Kampf in Den WolkenOrkpack
08:29The Elvish KingdomJon Adamich
08:26Gypsy SpotifyEichstaedt
08:23SantoaderiZmei Gorinich
08:21The Length And The MeasureBrad Derrick
08:14This is my HomelandLindar Olostur
08:08The Old TowerBjorn Lynne
08:06Battle:UnknownKirill Pokrovsky
08:01An Unexpected JourneyThe Lonely Mountain Band
08:00The Road BackBjorn Arve Lagim
07:58End TitleJan Morgenstern
07:56Amor ocultoSoriano
07:51The Witches' LamentEncryption
07:49SammalCelestial Aeon Project
07:46Die grossen weissen VögelSumerluft
07:36Rainbow Bridge SpotifyLaura Olson
07:32Ride to Destiny SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
07:27Ordo Defelgratio Inano ArcturusZa Frûmi
07:19Forsaken Dungeons SpotifyAri Pulkkinen
07:15Still Another WandererTimothy Pinkham
07:11AUfbruch in den ÄtherRalf Kurtsiefer
07:07Last Fallen LeafBran Brother
07:05Pleasure of SimplicityKirill Pokrovsky
07:02A View from the Hills SpotifyDavutus
06:59The Golden PlainsTincolindo
06:57Bam BarguiOrkpack
06:53Forging a City-StateOmri Lahav
06:52Quinton's DecisionDavutus
06:48TrappedSimon Kölle
06:44Temple of the WarriorsWilliam Kersten