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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowHeroes of Nordic RunesMistfolk
14:07Glenstorm's ProphecyAveril 'Tincolindo' White
14:04Theme From a Secret Place SpotifyEichstaedt
14:02The Gates of MoriaPatrice Deceuninck
13:59Ritual of the Tree SpiritsTales of the Boatman
13:57The Emerald GroveAdam Speck
13:54On WeathertopPatrice Deceuninck
13:49The Divine Smith SpotifyPal Zoltan Illes
13:45Merlin's SecretEnaid
13:41Follow the UnicornAn Danzza
13:34Helm's Deep SpotifyJonathan Peters
13:32Last MorningGianmarco Leone
13:31Spirit Of Damascus SpotifyJesper Kyd
13:30MaybePetite Viking
13:28Song of LebenninHelen Trevillion
13:25The Two Trees of ValinorFrancisco Nogueiras
13:19Space Guardians SpotifyEpic Soul Factory
13:16King of StonesX-Score
13:14The Sculpture GallerySynth Bard
13:10Sudden Flame Aaron Dunn
13:04Fire DanceInon Zur
13:03El Ha KingFlorian Bochkovsky
12:58The Mermaid Part I - The StormHelen Trevillion
12:56Herr der Legionen - Herrin des SchwarmsOrkpack
12:52Venice Escape SpotifyJesper Kyd
12:48Sunborn LiveSean Beeson
12:47Flirtation SpotifyAndy Grall
12:44Stronghold of the OrcsKirill Pokrovsky
12:39LothlorienPatrice Deceuninck
12:35Dream of a Warrior SpotifyLaura Olson
12:34Moonsea DepthsDavid John
12:32Escape from the Ambush SpotifyGianmarco Leone
12:29Celestial BondZa Frûmi
12:26Battle at DwarfenwallMattias Westlund
12:24The MarchOrkpack
12:21Chasing the DestinyKirill Pokrovsky
12:19Dwarven Mining TownJamie Christopherson
12:17Away TeamDavid John
12:12At the Journey's End (Excerpt)Antti Martikainen
12:08Sir MordredDerek Fiechter
12:07Ahora que te has idoPriscilla Hernandez
12:03Spur 8Mantle of Dust
12:00III (Europa)Halindir
11:59Ultima - CathedralCelestial Aeon Project
11:58IV (Europa)Halindir
11:56Called to Serve SpotifyDavutus
11:52The Garden at the Edge of NowhereKirill Pokrovsky
11:46Preparing to LeaveRob Westwood