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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowThe view from here SpotifyLissa-Käthe
22:28The Flags of Freedom Fly HighKirill Pokrovsky
22:22After the Great WarKirill Pokrovsky
22:19Creeping Darkness SpotifyBorislav Slavov, Victor Stoyanov
22:16Years In The MirrorErang
22:14The FatherSean Beeson
22:09A Journey Coming To An EndErdenstern
22:04EternityAlexandre Guiraud Wizart
22:03On The ProwlKirill Pokrovsky
21:59Lords of the Eternal RealmSymphonic Chronicles
21:57Medieval Melody 1Marco Lo Muscio
21:56ClimacticaPaul Houseman
21:54A Fragile Hope SpotifyDavutus
21:46Dreams SpotifyFrancesco Siano
21:43Fantasy TuneChristoph Sachal
21:38I Build Myself A HouseJoran Elane
21:34TwilightRichard J Durand
21:30Orc Lair ThemeAlex Lambrino
21:26Jewel of the Forest SpotifyAntti Martikainen
21:23Im Land der SöldnerprinzenOrkpack
21:22Orc RaidNiels Eggert Benzon
21:21Story of Lost SoldiersSimon W. Autenrieth
21:17Royal ScribeDerek Fiechter
21:16All Things Come To An EndMantle of Dust
21:09Imperia SpotifyAntti Martikainen
21:04Four Factions SpotifyPhilippe Rey
20:58Dancing with MirthKirill Pokrovsky
20:56Ultima - Streets of BritainCelestial Aeon Project
20:52Castle in the CloudsBrandon Fiechter
20:48Black KnightConjurer
20:44Discovery (Finding the Stone)Lindsay Anne Klemm
20:40AirborneKirill Pokrovsky
20:35Esse Infinito//The Princess AloneSovarozüm
20:32Forgotten GoldDerek Fiechter
20:28Matthews MermaidSumerluft
20:24Nexus - Part III [Supernova]Francisco Nogueiras
20:19Ancient RuinsAlex Must
20:14Nightfall at the Edge of the Old ForestDrachenfeuer
20:04Boarding The Enemy VesselErdenstern
20:02Battle Music 3Alex Lambrino
20:00Avatar of the GoddessSascha Dikiciyan, Chris Velasco
19:55Leaving The ShireTed Nasmith
19:53Ultima - Britain SunsetCelestial Aeon Project
19:49Sailing Over Ranistica SpotifySovarozüm
19:47Era Of The OrcsDynamedion SoundDesign
19:43Steam Airships SpotifyBrandon Fiechter
19:41ProloguePeter Clarke
19:37The Serpent FlameEncryption