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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowEdge of Darkness SpotifyGlorian
20:09Lurking Among The WoodelvesRod Abernethy & Dave Adams
20:05Sono io la Morte SpotifySumerluft
20:02Legend of the UnicornsBrandon Fiechter
19:58Bei HofeOrkpack
19:53Sacred CultKirill Pokrovsky
19:37The Void CallsEpic North
19:35The Eternal ForestDavid John
19:32Chapel Windows SpotifyDavutus
19:29Alchemist's ChamberMidnight Syndicate
19:28Ultima - PreparationCelestial Aeon Project
19:22LionheartNovem Music
19:19Imperial MyranumOrkpack
19:16TiberiusEpic North
19:12Tactical CommandX-Score
19:07Enchanted Forest Of ElvesSolstheim
19:04The Elves of MirkwoodAndrew Skrabutenas
18:59The Journey Of AdrianChulainn
18:57Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra Demo 2Mattias Westlund
18:55A Moment of SilenceRichard John S
18:54Aragorn Grows UpRob Westwood
18:50My Own Private WarErang
18:47A Battle LostLiam Welch
18:44TimelessSean Beeson
18:41A Hobbit's Tale RepriseRod Abernethy & Dave Adams
18:38The Secret of the MountainEichstaedt
18:28The ChallengeAnabasis
15:11Die Rebellen von KaitOrkpack
15:10The Magenta OasisMantle of Dust
15:06S.T.U.M.P.s Meet BunyanMidnight Syndicate
15:00Benevolence (only drums)Novem Music
14:57Acre Underworld SpotifyJesper Kyd
14:56Arithir the RangerChris Bouchard
14:54Space BondAllen Constantine
14:52The Dungeons Of RuhkalomLukas Deuschel
14:46Sands of TimePaul Spaeth
14:44Galadriel's MirrorAveril 'Tincolindo' White
14:41If only I could go Back..Richard J Durand
14:37Earth SpotifyJesper Kyd
14:36Cathedral GloryDavutus
14:33My First Song SpotifyEichstaedt
14:30The AbbeyKen Young
14:24Arathorn's Final BattleTobias Bublat, Adam Langston & Rob Westwood
14:20Love in a NutshellDenny Schneidemesser
14:14Freefall SpotifyAndy Grall
14:13War PipesTurbine, Inc.
14:10One Ginger MorningEichstaedt