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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowGalaxy ControlSmirnov Nickolay
22:39Unwanted Visitor SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
22:37Track 01Kai Rosenkranz
22:35The Dead Of NightKirill Pokrovsky
22:33W popiol sie obrociszJan Grochowski
22:30Danza di SorrisiAlex Must
22:27At The Court Of The Dragon KingKirill Pokrovsky
22:23Castle - Combat PhaseAfshin Toufighian
22:22CunhavalWilliam Matthewson
22:18The Gardens Of ElysiaSimon W. Autenrieth
22:12On to Adventure SpotifyDavutus
22:10The Masquerade Ball SpotifyJohn Debney
22:06Riders From The EastErdenstern
22:04The Dashing Young Falconer SpotifyJohn Debney
22:03Attack On FastholmeDynamedion SoundDesign
22:01Ode to KupaFiresea
21:58Circle of Dreams SpotifyDavutus
21:54Ad Ordo SacreaEncryption
21:49Like Father And SonErdenstern
21:46Call To ArmsKirill Pokrovsky
21:44Rain Gods SpotifyLyubomir Yordanov
21:36Paradise SeaChurch of Selene
21:31After the End (naked) SpotifyAntti Martikainen
21:27The Calling SeaZmei Gorinich
21:24Our Last StandRise Studios
21:21Through the MeadowAdam Speck
21:17For The KingChulainn
21:14Cyber VikingEpic North
21:11The Black KnightDerek & Brandon Fiechter
21:03O'Carolan's Draft (Solo)Robert Euvino
21:00New CampKai Rosenkranz
20:58Mein Name ist AsfalelOrkpack
20:58Eine Kleine Court MusicAndreas Waldetoft
20:55My Lagan Love SpotifySamantha Gillogly & Tim Maurice
20:47Pursued By A Black RiderPatrice Deceuninck
20:42QuintessenceJacques Y. Fafard & Lise Charbonneau
20:38Pirate Fairies SpotifyDerek Fiechter
20:34A Long JourneyAveril 'Tincolindo' White
20:33The AlatienBjorn Arve Lagim
20:31ReincarnationCelestial Aeon Project
20:25Narfland (Excerpt)Erdenstern
20:22Losing TimeWill Van De Crommert
20:16At the Journey's End (Excerpt)Antti Martikainen
20:12No Way OutGargrim the Liar
20:04The QuestWilliam Kersten
20:03Ultima - ProcessionCelestial Aeon Project
20:00The CryptJesper Kyd
19:57Fili and KiliDerek & Brandon Fiechter