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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowHarvest FestivalOmri Lahav
10:39That's our libertyEverlasting Dream
10:37Eye of the BeholderCity of the Fallen
10:32Hypogeum Dweller (Excerpt)In Scissors
10:30Code Of HonourErdenstern
10:21GRANDEUR: Musica CinematographPaul Spaeth
10:18Dream OnCharlotte Bax
10:14Ad Ordo SacreaEncryption
10:11March to Glory SpotifyEpic Soul Factory
10:07HonorNovem Music
10:05Sighs of the ElvenkindKirill Pokrovsky
10:02TitanAlexandre Guiraud Wizart
10:00Time is LostOrkpack
09:55Sherwood SpotifyHeather Dale
09:50Ndugu (Brother)Andy Grall
09:48An Hero is bornAlexandre Guiraud Wizart
09:45Shadows DescendMidnight Syndicate
09:39Mood MusicKai Rosenkranz
09:35Legend SpotifyGareth Meek
09:27The TraitorOrkpack
09:22Black MarketErdenstern
09:20Event VHalindir
09:16Eternal MusicJule Konrad
09:13Inner VoiceKirill Pokrovsky
09:09Legends of DragonsTy Berry
09:02The Cult of RianjiZa Frûmi
08:59HonorEpic Soul Factory
08:55The Hands Of TimeKirill Pokrovsky
08:53I Feel Your HeartLindar Olostur
08:48Moon Light DawnThe Slanted Room
08:47MirrorsDenny Schneidemesser
08:46Into the WormholeBjorn Arve Lagim
08:40After the battleEpic Soul Factory
08:33Name Above All NamesCity of the Fallen
08:28Hanging Gardens of Babylon SpotifyValscharuhn
08:24Beren ar LúthienHalindir
08:18LothlorienJonathan Peters
08:13Let Us Go Exploring (Excerpt)GingerTom
08:11Embracing PestilenceBrad Derrick
08:09Faerie GladeTincolindo
08:03The Siege of AhremPeter Szwach
07:59Sand of TruthOrkpack
07:56The Builders SpotifyThe Slanted Room
07:52Tara's Theme SpotifyRichard J Durand
07:49Pirate CoveDerek Fiechter
07:47Echoes (Orchestral Version)Lyubomir Yordanov
07:44Run, Zanaldor, Run!Kirill Pokrovsky