You can listen to Radio Rivendell in many ways, using either your favourite music program such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp or the like. It's really not difficult. You can also play or radio right here in your browser using our webplayer!

There are many ways to listen to Radio Rivendell and it works for virtually all computers! All you need is an internet connected computer with software able to stream music from the Internet. We've tried out Windows, Apple OSX, Ubuntu Linux, iPhones and even Nokia phones!

Listen to Radio Rivendell

Last played songs

Using our webplayer you can both listen to our music and be logged in at the same time. This means that you can rate the music, take part in our chat, see last played songs and check your inbox, all this comfortably from a single popup.


We show up in TuneIn radio's directory, making it easy to listen in your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Don't forget to like and share us!

Radio Rivendell on TuneIn

Tune-in manually

We also feature other ways to tune in to Radio Rivendell, our goal is that you should be able to choose almost whatever player you prefer, regardless of your operating system.

High quality MP3 (Stereo)

Our highest quality streams in stereo, perfect for broadband connection or high-speed mobile internet.

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