Playlists in other formats

There are numerous ways to tune in to our collection of music, other than our normal web radio. We've been recording our listening progress on Last FM for the last years and you can tune in to our radio over there. We have also set up an account over at Spotify, where you can listen to an awful lot of commercial soundtracks!

Various formats

We have made it possible to tune in using pretty many different formats. Feel free to suggest us other formats as well! We cannot however change the codes and other things as easy. But more or less everything should support the MP3 and AAC+ formats.

These playlists contain all active servers for the corresponding bandwidth/quality and coded. So these lists should always be accurate when you download them.

128kbit (MP3)


Last FM

Last FM

Last FM is internet's biggest resource for music, here you can keep track of your listening habbits and get suggestions to new music you haven't listened to before that you most probably will like! Radio Rivendell has been recording our own playlist since May 2009, so everything we have played since then have been stored on Last FM making it possible to tune in using Last FM (Android and iPhone apps are available).

Currently you may need premium memberships in certain countries to be able to stream.

Radio Rivendell on Last FM - This is ALL our tracks played on Radio Rivendell (that's in Last FM's directory mind you)

Why not join our own group at Last FM


Spotify is a commercial streaming service mainly in Europe and the US where you can either sign up for a premium account or go with the ad-based Spotify Free. Spotify Premium also features offline playlists making it possible to listen to Radio Rivendell in your phone when you're offline! We've set up a few different playlists for you to enjoy!

Spotify is currently only available in Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK and the US.

General playlist - This is our normal playlist with the typical Radio Rivendell sound and many commercial soundtracks to both movies and games.

Collaborative Inbox - Here you can post suggestions on tracks you think should be on our general och easy listening playlists. Just drag and drop tracks here and we'll go through them and put the on if we see that they fit! Come in and join us in creating the best and biggest fantasy playlist in the world!