Alfons Conde - The Dark Hour

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Alfons Conde - The Dark Hour
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Price: € 9

This album was limited to 500 copies and it is now SOLD OUT over the world. We still have a few number of copies so be fast if you want one. 

"When outright terror strikes, Conde knows how to go for the throat with a full on symphonic 'Boo!'" - IF Magazine
Exquisite horror score written by the Spanish composer in 2006: The Dark Hour (original Spanish title: La hora fria). This one was performed by theBratislava Symphony Orchestra and is an atmospheric symphonic score that has a lot of dark but colorful music to offer the listener. 

"We wanted to surround this film with a suffocating, anguishing, claustrophobic atmosphere. The key to the story is that the characters cannot leavethe place where they live. Solitude is also a big theme," Alfons Conde explains. 
The score makes use of several interesting devices, including the pipe organ, a gothic approach which is contrasted beautifully by the solitary themeduet on bassoon and clarinet. Just like The Abandoned, this album features a lengthy bonus track, the exciting orchestral score from Elio Quiroga's award-winning short Home Delivery.


  1. Main Titles
  2. To Judas
  3. The Alone Kid
  4. Daily Life
  5. First Cold Hour
  6. The Expedition
  7. Death of Pablo
  8. Ana and Mateo
  9. Pablo's Funeral
  10. Judas Tells the Story
  11. Magda's Confession
  12. A Stranger and the Children
  13. Jes?s Infected
  14. Ana and Magda at the Lab
  15. Judas Wraps Them Up
  16. Epiphany
  17. Home Delivery (bonus track) 


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