Arkane - Enraptured Serene Mesmerism

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Arkane - Enraptured Serene Mesmerism

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Hypnotic, darkly beautiful and ritualistic, 'Enraptured Serene Mesmerism' is professionally written, recorded and presented material from Greece's Arkane. Lush neo-classical with ambient and deep symphonic elements, a must for fans of most Cold Meat and Projekt label artists.

Arkane enchant the world with eight new compositions, all which are filled with an atmosphere that's dark, gloomy and occult, and so very beautiful. Enraptured Serene Mesmerism is the first release of the newly risen Greek label Seduction Prod. (2008) The concept of this album revolves around the nereid, which are in old Greek mythology the nymphs of the sea.

This also makes the two tracktitles with 'sirenia' understandable, as these nereid were frequently pictured riding a plethora of sea animals.

The tracks are basically build up in a rather similar way. Slow, dark and deep neoclassical and dark ambient soundscapes with female recitations that have no words. Though this concept sounds like it can become boring relatively soon, nothing could be less true. The different musical compositions are crafted wonderfully, and combined with ArkanumX' voice it brings forth pictures of beautiful old gothic buildings, in which such music would be simply perfect. On three tracks however, there's more to please the ears.

On tracks two through four, Sibelian's Stephen Svanholm (who we all know from the track "The Sin Eater" from CMI's Flowers Made Of Snow sampler and his track on Radio Rivendell compilation vol. 2 - The Book of War) adds his voice in reciting some lyrics, adding more depth to the tracks. Wonderful! Also, on the third track there are whispers added by a woman that goes by the name of Arcanstra M.

The release comes in an esthetically pleasing four panel DVD sized digipack with a simple and clean layout.

According to the Heathen Harvest review of this album it should be pleasing for people who enjoy acts like Encryption, Acnocto and Valley Lord.


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