Beyond Sensory Experience - Ratan

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Beyond Sensory Experience - Ratan
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Price: € 9

Full Length Digipack CD

Third & final part of the BSE trilogy during 2003 but it works perfectly on its own too. It takes off where Urmula ended, spiralling further down the dark ambient soundscapes. wonderfull dark ambient sounds with exoterical inspiration from Mr. Drakh (star of MZ.412) & the scientist K. Meizter , digipack plus booklet in the same vain of the 1st & 2nd album!

Ratan, like the other two discs in the trilogy, is meant for headphones; this is a record for solitary listening in a sensory deprivation tank. Unlike the others, there are more voices on Ratan, more distorted whispers thrown up from the dark undercurrent of our collective headspace. This is cosmic exploration straight down through your navel and up your Kundalini spine. Drakhon and K. Meizter have crafted a dark ambient adventure of the most introspective kind.

"...Ratan begins on the edge of perception, a gentle beat crumbling at the periphery of your hearing. An orchestral swell blossoms like a seismic movement, followed by an equally spectral drift of voices as if a floating chorus of Russian folk singers just broached the horizon..."


1. The Last Operation
2. Observing The Invisible
3. Inside Erasmus's Head
4. Future Directions
5. Anthem For A New Tomorrow
6. Numbers Rule The Universe
7. Time-Travellers' Dilemma
8. Ratan
9. The State Of The World


Avatar 8 July, 2013 at 23:24 0

wonderful album i love all fantasy medieval dark ambient stuff