Danny Elfman - Sleepy Hollow

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Danny Elfman - Sleepy Hollow

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Full Length Jewel Case CD

Genre: Horror/Fantasy

Danny Elfman's most accomplished and violent horror score, complete with truly haunting choral layers and a superbly recorded and mixed series of mostly harmonic orchestral romps.
This album is to be honest almost to mainstream to be sold here but after some looking around the album don¥t seemed to be sold in many places at all. So, as it is such a good soundtrack, we took it in.

From the beginning of the first track, you realise Danny Elfman has achieved the mysterious, spooky quality which the film demands. When the harp begins, it seems to say nothing about what is to come, until the basses and choir arrive, leading into the first theme with an entriguing climax. The chromatic theme with its waves of dynamics sets the tone for the movie at once. Many say that this is possibly Danny Elfman's best score to date!
The collaborations between director Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman have always resulted in entertaining, well made films and equally entertaining and well made scores. Sleepy Hollow, their seventh collaboration, is no exception. One of Elfman's best scores in many, many years, Sleepy Hollow is also one of the composers' most powerful and exciting achievments in a long time. With a large orchestra, organ, as well as generous use of adult and boy's choirs, Elfman gives life to the legend of the headless horseman, with music that is incredibly dark and menacing, but also enchanting, mystical and eerie.

But most of all it is the action that dominates the score. It is loud, powerful, exciting, stirring and quite entertaining. Sleepy Hollow is dark Elfman music as its best, with low trombones and horns and blaring trumpet parts reminiscing of Elfman's score for Batman. And when the adult choir kicks in, in all its glory and power, the music, simply put, rocks. Ah, the choir. It is almost always present, in one way or another. Either in the foreground, as the most important "character", carrying the melody, or floating in and out of the background. And the soft boy's choir really gives the music an eerie, shimmering, sound - evil and danger are always around the corner.


1. Introduction (4:15)
2. Main Titles (3:09)
3. Young Ichabod (1:20)
4. The Story... (4:28)
5. Masbath's Terrible Death (1:35)
6. Sweet Dreams (1:11)
7. A Gift (2:26)
8. Into the Woods/The Witch (3:32)
9. More Dreams (1:42)
10. The Tree of Death (9:36)
11. Bad Dream/Tender Moment (3:33)
12. Evil Eye (3:43)
13. The Church Battle (3:33)
14. Love Lost (5:16)
15. The Windmill (6:18)
16. The Chase (3:11)
17. The Final Confrontation (4:16)
18. A New Day! (1:29)
19. End Credits (3:17)


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