Tristram Cary - Blood from the Mummy's Tomb

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Tristram Cary - Blood from the Mummys Tomb
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Full Length Jewel Case CD

Genre: Horror/Atmospheric

This film is an adaption of the Bram Stoker Novel titled "Jewel of the 7 Stars" An archaeological expedition uncovers the tomb of an ancient, evil, Egyptian queen Tara. When they open it up, the spirit of Tara inhabits the child (who was just born) of the leader of the expedition. Years later when the girl is about 20 or so, all the members of the expedition are being mysteriously killed. It seems Tara wants to be avenged...and come back to life. The plot is old hat but this one does add a few little twists to the tale. It's well-directed by Seth Holf (his last movie) and has some very creepy moments. There is a LOT of blood in this film (the murders aren't really shown but we see their aftermath) but (for a Hammer film) this is restrained. So it's well made...but some bad writing and acting distract.

So much for the film in itself. As always here the films are not in focus.
Tristram Cary was a very interesting composer, one of the first to build an Electronic Music Studio. Cary was also a founder Director of EMS (London) Ltd, and co-designer of the VCS3 (Putney) Synthesiser and other EMS products. Cary received the 2005 lifetime achievement award from the Adelaide Critics' Circle for his contribution to music in England and Australia. He was a Pipe smoker, tune writer, gun-for-hire, classical composer, navy man. Role at EMS was as resident composer and artist and as the most musically experienced. Co-designed VCS3. Built wooden cabinet, wrote hand-book.

Left to become Professor of Electronic Music at the Royal College of Music. Since became Professor of Music at the University of Adelade. Retirement was never an option.

The soundtrack for Blood from the Mummy's Tomb is indeed an atmospheric orchestral one. This album is more than cult! Excellent 20 page full colour booklet containing detailed liner notes and tons of images from the movie.


1. Opening Credits
2. Ancient Memories
3. The Temple
4. Procession
5. Death
6. Mysterious Neighbour
7. Margaret's Ring
8. The Crystal Ball
9. Secret In The Safe
10. Recurring Dreams
11. Discovering The Tomb
12. Perfectly Preserved
13. The Professor's Curse
14. Margaret And Tera
15. Ancient Power
16. Panic
17. The Journal
18. Murder In The Asylum
19. Tera's Power
20. Corbeck's Plan
21. Desperate Man
22. Futile Escape
23. Dangerous Liaison
24. Possessed
25. The Doctor's Fate
26. Another Victim
27. The Scroll Of Life
28. Finale And End Credits

Bonus Tracks

29. 1M2A Wild Take 2
30. 8M2 Wild Take 1
31. 9M1 Wild Take 1
32. 10M2 Alternative Version Wild Take 1
33. 11M1A Wild Take 1
34. 11M1B Take 1
35. 11M1C Wild Take 1
36. 11M1D Wild Take 1
37. 11M2A Wild Take 1
38. 11M2B Wild Take 2
39. 11M2C Wild Take 1
40. 11M2D
41. 11M2E Wild Take 1


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