Trouble tuning in?

Do you have any problems tuning in? Do you use Windows Media Player? We know things can get weird and tricky, specially with all different programs and versions. Well, then this is the page you are looking for!

Windows Media Player (WMP)

There might be problems with Windows Media Player running on Windows machines. We've added true support for this player and you should really have no problems tuning in with your Media Player. If you however run into problems you can connect manually without too much fuzz. Here's what you do, in three simple steps:

  1. Start WMP (duh!)
  2. Select "Open URL..." from the File menu, or press CTRL-U
    Open URL
  3. Paste any of the addresses from the Listen page and press OK
    Enter URL

Ubuntu Linux

It's easy to add Radio Rivendell to the radio section of Rythmbox so you will always have an updated list of our servers! Just add a new radio station with any of these URLs:

Help I'm behind a firewall

We have a relay server operating on port 81 which MIGHT work for you. It really depends on the strictness of your firewall. But it could work. Try it out!