Ubuntu Linux

Listening with Ubuntu (Linux distribution) is really dead simple! There is a nice music player supplied right out of the box called "Rythmbox Music Player", and it does the job in an excellent fashion! Here's a little guide how to bookmark our radio!

  1. Open Rythmbox, it's located in the Audio section on the menu
  2. Click the Radio button in the left menu
  3. Then click the Add radio button in the top toolbar
  4. Copy and paste the any of the links (Right-click, copy link) listed under our server list from our Listen page and click the "Add" button
  5. Paste the link, should be something like ""
  6. Now you have Radio Rivendell among your radio stations! Though it's named the same as the URL you entered above. Right-click it and change it's name to "Radio Rivendell"

Voilla! Now you can just double click Radio Rivendell in your list to start listening!