Everlasting Dream

Everlasting Dream

From France

Everlasting Dream is an independent music group created January 20, 2012 by Fabien Naslin, which broadcast the productions under the pseudonym Dj Fab.

Devoting his spare time to music since his teens, he opted quickly for a similar approach like Dj which called sampling. It's with Ocean Dreams, a first album released in 2006, he asserts itself, skillfully mixing ambient and soundtrack.

After two years of hard work, he released successively Through The Shadow And The Light (2008) and Until The End (2009), two most successful albums and more varied. Dj Fab draws its influence more widely in the rock, trip-hop ...

With the experience gained with these three albums and numerous collaborations, Dj Fab strikes a fourth time in 2010. He composed an experimental double album whose main theme over time. Both parties are called Echoes and Echoes From The Past From The Future.

In 2011, having just over a million plays all sites, an Everlasting Dream music composed in collaboration with his friend Diblawak is used for a TV commercial against homophobia. This spot is broadcast on several major French channels and the Internet.

Dj Fab believes that music should be accessible to all. That's why he distributes his work in free downloads and streaming.

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