Francesco Pirrone

The Chemist

Francesco Pirrone • 2021 • 14 songs

The Chemist is a collection of orchestral works and it contains tracks inspired to a variety of fantasy subjects, from epic journeys and battles to sci-fi... and it ends with a short suite called "The Secret Cave", part of a story that Francesco himself wrote for a short online RPG narrative game developed by Dan Thomas.??

VY Canis Majoris is named after one of the biggest known stars and it deploys a huge orchestra, as well as Dark Castle, The Quest and Journey in the Snow, whilst The Brave, Remembrance and Eerie Night are more intimate and quiet.??

The title track is epic and quirky at the same time, and it goes hand in hand with the wonderful illustration by the Icelandic artist Petur Antonsson.??

The Secret Cave is the story of a young alchemist named Stefano, who finds a treasure and needs help from one of his friends in order to get it, but soon finds out that many people who seemed trustworthy are ready to betray him and keep the gold for themselves.??

In this album, Francesco starts using the piano a lot more: something that we're gonna hear very frequently in his future compositions.

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