Johannes Hubner


473 plays, 4 songs on radio, from Germany

Johannes Hubner was born in 1991 in Germany. At the age of 4 he started to play around with brass instruments and with 9 he got his first lessons for trumpet. When Johannes was 14 he got professional teachers for Trumpet, Piano, Music theory, Composition. In his youth he performed many gig ?s with trumpet, from small brass ensemble to full orchestra. With his passion for film and music it doesn ?t last long till Johannes get interested in film music, so he got more and more into sample based music production. Today Johannes gives private lessons in playing brass instruments and write film and game music.

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Soundcloud: johannes-s-hubner


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Most played songs

1The Journey begins 132
2Village in the Woods 120
33 Pieces united 112
4Hope 109

Most popular songs

1The Journey begins 4.6
23 Pieces united 4.2
3Hope 4.0
4Village in the Woods 4.0