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Soldier (Level 12)
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Does Cafeexpress offer you to be able to make stickers for your car? I would love a Radio Rivendell sticker for my car. But I don't like the typical bumper stickers. They crack in the Georgia heat. But thereis another material used for window stickers that hold up well.

Peasant (Level 3)
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That would be pretty neat- I'd buy one.

Living Legend (Level 32)
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We'll look into that this year Don't know what kind of stickers they have on CafePress, not sure if they have the best quality though

Friggin Lord Elrond!

Soldier (Level 12)
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Cool! Would love a window decal.

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Sir Daniel of Bedford
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Oooooohhhh!! Yeeah! Window clings!!! *Tigger Bounce*