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hello all, and if mister Elrond can read this, I'd be happy

I wand to give RR a bit of contribution and I'm currently lookin forward to buy the new compilation that you guys released...but with the shipping costs included it comes a bit expensive here in canada. Of course this is oversea, I'm aware of that, but still, 27.50$ CA is a bit too pricy for me, if you could make the price 14 or 13 euro...well maybe int he future, I'll keep waiting

I don't post often on the forums but keep up the good playlist, nice music as always!


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Yes, I guess freight, postage, taxes, customs etc will make it pricey. I remember when I bought a DVD from amazon once, and it ended up costing me twice as much as I had expected.

How we could remedy this situation is to find ourselves a tiny distributor in the US.

Friggin Lord Elrond!

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allright man I'll stay tuned, anyway you definately got me hooked up since around october i think, when i fell upon RR..

If i can afford in the future, i will.

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Start saving for that CD, it is worth it! I am saving for disc 2!