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Hello folks!

Just a quick post here to ask if any of you kind LARPERS here are familiar with Varg Vikernes' MYFAROG?

It's a table top RPG adventure set in a fictional land called Thulê. Central themes in the game are very much derived from Norse and Celtic Mythology as well as many other pre-Christian European mythologies, folk tales and traditions.

MYFAROG stands for Mythic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. If there are any hungry nerds here for some EPIC adventure, just send me a PM and we can think of something. The only problem is that we need at least a party of 4. Of course It can be played with less people, but it's more fun with a whole bunch as any other pen & paper Tabletop RPG. The game is really cheap and it can be easily found on Amazon or your local Book retailer.

More info and updates about the game you can find on this playlist:

and on Varg's channel here:

Hat det bra!