Awaiting the Sun

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I stand and watch the orange light of the sun as it sets

I wait with breath held in anticipation as it drowns beneath the horizon.

The sky gives way from blue to black and glistens, silently,

as ten thousand clouds are exchanged for a billion billion stars.

I imagine brave Apollo descending in his chariot, weary and spent

as lovely Artemis takes the reins, holding him to her chest

"Carry on sweet sister" he speaks as she soundlessly takes flight

and brave Apollo falls to peaceful slumber in the embrace of the moon.

My thoughts are adrift now upon the gentle waves sweeping across the sea of stars

I bask in the night, serene and without fear of what lies within the dark.

Apollo and Artemis fly gracefully across the sky in my dreams as I lie in wait.

They are always a blink of an eye closer to tomorrow than I, this I do believe

for when tomorrow comes, the sun waits for me again and I can let go of my held breath.

Captain (Level 20)
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I like your range and originality. I don't feel like I already know where it's going as soon as I begin. Nice!

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Peasant (Level 5)
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Thank you, it's a gift to know that someone appreciates your efforts.