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Yay, the banner's back! I had a black box at the top of the page for the longest time. I tried everything; clearing cache & cookies, updating Flash...and no result. Now, poof! There it is! It looks great.

Was it me, or were the Valar up to something?

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Good deal, Pinwheel! I've found that browsers are starting to default blocking Flash, at least on certain sites that aren't "trusted." Safari has blocked Flash for awhile. Chrome blocks Flash and uses HTML5 by default. However, I believe Chrome, Firefox, Edge/IE will still let you default Flash activation (at least for specific sites), though. Flash has many known security flaws, and Flash is phasing out and becoming unsupported in a couple of years.

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So I assume funds will be needed someday to update this site to eliminate flash. I notice the index page of Radio Rivendell's web designer,, is promoting RWD features. At the moment, this site does not render well on my mobile devices - mostly because of that banner.

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The black box was our "flash snow" logo, and since March 1 there's no more snow in Rivendell

Oh, and yes. This site sucks big time in mobiles. I have been working on the new site for ages now. But I really think we're going to experience it this year! I actually plan on not taking on too much work so I can work on my side projects, such as Rivendell

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