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Vinnie johnson
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Hi to all,

i'm a composer and have already some songs on this radio.

Today I would like to speak about an electronic music from the eighties of a FANTASY movie...

The orchestral score is written by jerry goldmisth and i don't want to say anymore, because there are a lot of good orchestral scores on fantasy music.

My webblog is in french, however you can translate the text with google translate.

and I don't forget the link for google translate :

the article is very interisting, the first part is an analyse of the score. The second gives you the material of the studio during this year (1985/1986). I recommand to copy the references of the hardware. You can find low cost subsitute or vst with an abfordable price.

The sound synthesis is important for fantasy music and gives "life" in your song. with modern samplers the sound is realistic but you need more to a professional mock up.

hope you'll be happy to read this !