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Hello friends!!! Long time working without came here...... i'was working in new stuff last years and writting some books......

my last project is called "Stardust" (a videogame for PC)

The Game: I've my own opinion and feeling about videogames since the early 70's (1970-80)

Well.... This game is something similar to Master of Orion in his concept but with my own know-how about the gameplay's all about space discover and conquest and trade with goods and so.....i'll try make it multiplayer.

i'm a bit older coder (i've 44 years old) but i make this game for do something that all people can see and check and finally say "hey, i did that piece of software".....of course any "wages or cash" making along the way will be received with happiness....i'm not a rich man and some spare money drives to pay some help i've on development.....

I try getting involved some other coders in it..... Anders Hedström, the coder of C++ Sockets Library is giving me good backbone information and opinions, advices, etc.....really he is better coder than me

Also i'm trying get help from Darren Dwyer from Australia.....he's an amazing coder....brilliant but also he's surfering a bad financial situation that put him in the "darkness and depression" where he's actually sunked....

Today i receive the reply to mail where he said that can be very possible that can make a version of CSMFL sources to Borland C++ Builder 6 in a short period of time using the TDx Code Generator that is an incredible tool make by himself for make components for VCL of C++ Builder

Ahead of this, i'm working in the code of Stardust trying make soon a Beta for testing




Hi friend, we're starting the campaign for recruit the Crowdfunding of 10.000 euros we request for make our own kind of game called "Stardust"

If you are ecouraged to help us in this project, you can subscribe to our maillist:

this is the way we have for be in contact with all the users that supports this development from start

soon we'll know if accepts our request for crowdfunding for this project, meanwhile you can help us moving this message to other forums or social networks for make some class of users/fans recruitment

Another notice about our project is that we're trying to make it with SMFL in mind.....i request help of Darren Dwyer (the creator of TDx Library for C++ Builder) for try to make with the Code Generator we use to develop our TDx components if we're able to make something similar with CSMFL binding because we're using Embarcadero and Borland compilers always


Thanks for your help

Have a good day.

Development Blog:





Hola Amigo/a, estamos poniendo en marcha la campaña para lograr el Crowdfunding de 10.000 euros necesario para desarrollar "StarDust" (nuestro videojuego)

Si te gustaria ayudarnos, lo primero que tienes que hacer es suscribirte a nuestra lista de correo en esta direccion:

de forma que podamos estar en contacto con todos los que van a apoyar el desarrollo inicial del Proyecto

Pronto sabremos si aceptan nuestra solicitud de financiacion en pero mientras tanto, podeis suscribiros a la lista de correo

Os agradeceria que compartieseis este mensaje varias veces para lograr el maximo impacto en las redes sociales y que vayamos reuniendo una buena Comunidad de fans


Gracias por tu ayuda

Un saludo.

Blog del Desarrollo:


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Here it's the newest version of Stardust Sector Editor with more improvements and nasty bugs fixed

The 1st version have lot of malfunctions so you can erase now and get this one better


Bueno, ya tenemos algo para ir probando, os explico como funciona:

1) Seleccionamos en primer lugar MOSTRAR MAPA para iniciar el buffering de repintado de pantalla

2) Con los radio buttons de los planetas y las estaciones espaciales, seleccionamos el objeto

3) con el boton derecho del raton lanzamos el menu contextual y le damos a marcar Ruta o Insertar Objeto (planeta o estacion)

4) Para borrarlo todo en el menu principal de arriba a la izquierda (SECTOR->Borrar todo y empezar de nuevo)

5) el desplegable de Objects selecciona un objeto y con el boton "delete object" lo borra del desplegable y la pantalla

6) el boton de "Connect to Qualinost Server" y "SEND Sector" sirven para enviar el sector cuando lo tengáis diseñado al servidor nuestro

Probadlo y me contá os da algun error de memoria es normal....puede que haya cosas que aun estan por pulir aunque he intentado dejarlo lo mejor posible para vosotros.....

un saludo

PD.- Agradeceria que me informaseis si os funciona y en que Windows os va..... yo tengo Windows 7 -32bit

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Looks amazing. I hope my PC can run it when I get home.

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sure it not a hungry resources game......

i put here a capture of the interface what is soon ready for play first beta testing game........ it provides support for 5 players by TCP IP connection with internet