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It may just be a non answer to a fan question: I'm not doing the TES VI score because at this point no one's asked me to.

As far as I know, the project is still in it's early stages, so it's possible they'll call him. If they don't, it would be seriously disappointing.

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You think TES VI is still in early stages? I thought the game's being developed for years now. I'm pretty sure it is. Maybe the music part of the game is still in early stages. But yeah, Jeremy not doing the main score would be a disappointment.

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possibly David Arkenstone could do the Music if not Jeremy can or will?!

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This is probably just a bit of mudslinging, but it does show that Mr. Soule is working on a major project and needs to complete it. Beethoven sometimes took years to deliver a major work but maybe he had a better relationship with his backers. I don't know.

Any listener to this station knows that there are loads of talented artists out there. Inon Zur has worked with the studio as well. I'd be happy if they hired Gargrim the Liar.

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This may answer a lot of your questions on TE6:

After the Fallout 76 fiasco, however, I wonder if things will ultimately get delayed.

As for Jeremy Soule, I'd say they just have to money whip him a bit. I remember Soule did Neverwinter Nights but wasn't a part of NwN2. I know it's not the same thing as his work with TES, but I've also seen he's no longer doing the soundtracks for Guild Wars because of some exclusivity agreement with EverQuest. And as with ultra creative types like him, I wouldn't doubt there's a bit of eccentricity with this guy.