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Hello Anders & Friends!!! ¨How's going here all??? i view a message of Elrond/Anders in Facebook and i decide i've time afternoon today for come here and give you news about what im doing lasts months

Well.... i was working as you know by Stardust Project message in this forum in Stardust working in it since November of hurries of course, just doing more and more things step-by-step and enhancing all....i've some other parts working like the creation of universe on a MySQL system (on my server i pay for website and so) and more things around code for moving units in cellgrid....factions, cargo etc....well just structures of data related to game....

Then, i was working with 2 Drawers/animators and we make some characters for the Stardust Graphic Adventure sections....this is like a classic AG when you "land" in planets, or space stations ..... i'll have a "number" of backgrounds for each planet or spaceship (sometimes used shared) because make unique backgrounds for more than 3.500 planets and space stations could be unreachable......then i'll make and share some backgrounds in some locations but changing a bit the composition of it......this is .....for example space station #1 could have the backrounds numbered #1, #4 and #5 as 3 screens connected by doors or whatever......and space station #2 could have backgrounds #1 #3 #5 and #6.....(as you see it shared #1 and #5)

Well....also working in asteroids fields some parts of mapping, you can find asteroid fields (the game here will show a 2d map of the field with asteroids viwed from cenital view) and you can have prospection Tugs (ships dedicated to find the minerals, gold, platinum etc) and also you will have option to build the factory of processing the mineral for send to DESTINATIONS (for sell and earn money credits)....

This is 2 main parts i working now.....AG for landings and Asteroid Fields Minning

then i've other projects, like a Trading Card Game (still on the planification process) and the project that is a site with photos and some information about Greece country.....also here i've my own Radio Stream Station on shoutcast stream that i usually put online music (sometimes is switched off)

also im doing DJ Sessions in Second Life Game

My Novel "Algariam" is stopped now but i've a girl from Canarias islands, and more drawers that make very nice concept art of characters of the novel and some locations etc.... i'll show soon ....

I ended the book of "Abandonware: Historia del Software "... its in Spanish Languaje...very interesting with captures of games etc

this printed book is in black and white.....for costs of printing.... but if you want the color version of PDF just tell me and we can arrange a download or something

i've other projects working now like the SecondLife Event Viewer

and Qualinost NEWS Broadcast system to Android phones

i work on more things but this is what i think is better im doing