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Serf (Level 4)
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Do we have any Linux Gamers on here? If so what are some good games that you would recommend. Preferably in the fantasy genre!

Living Legend (Level 32)
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I'd be interested in hearing about this as well Didn't LOTRO used to have an official game client that worked in Linux. But that's all I know

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Alanar Raskinn
Yeoman (Level 10)
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I prefer using linux for everything , but don't have much time for games right now. I did play WoW a few times through linux , and Chromium BSU , and some Mario clones . Best thing Ive seen so far is probably Trine/Trine2

BUt mostly I'm doing the Blender/ Gimp/ Libre Office type things

Freeman (Level 6)
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Both Steam and GOG now have a decent selection of Linux playable games. But this is primarily Debian territory (and its forks like Ubuntu, Mint, and SteamOS).

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Lief Fletcher
Parolee (Level 2)
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I've recently got into linux but I've kept Windows as a dual boot just for the games. While a lot of good games are ported to linux (Pillars of Eternity for example!) Windows still has the biggest collection.

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Hobo (Level 1)
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I prefer Linux (Kubuntu) over Windows (10) although I have both of them installed in a dual-boot configuration. I use Windows mainly to play World of Warcraft while I prefer to do everything else in Linux. I am quite happy that the gaming on Linux has come a long way since, say, 5 years ago. Valve with its Steam platform is obviously a big player here while other big ones like EA and Blizzard are still rather hesitant to make their games available for Linux. Fortunately game engines are steadily becoming multi-platform (including Linux!) meaning that it is possible that we will see more and more so-called "AAA-games" on Linux in the future. I am also quite excited about Vulkan which is also a big thing in the field of Linux (or multi-platform) gaming.